3M Filtrete 12x12x1, Allergen Reduction Plus 2x Dust Defense - 4pk-


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3M Filtrete 12x12x1, Allergen Reduction Plus 2x Dust Defense - 4pk-

With the new Filtrete Dual-Action Micro Allergen Plus 2X Dust Defense Filter, you can get all the benefits of allergen defense plus the best dust holding capacity of any Filtrete Filter. Powerful allergen protection meets the best dust-busting capacity of our entire collection with the Filtrete Allergen + 2X Dust Defense Filter. The filter captures unwanted allergens and holds twice as much dust as our other home air filters*. Help your home get cleaner, fresher and a whole lot happier.

***For residential use only
Create a change countdown in the Filtrete™ Smart app. Simply use the app to scan the barcode on your filter’s packaging, then choose 30, 60 or 90 days for your replacement countdown. When the lifespan is up, you’ll get a notification to change your filter.

  • 1" thick
  • Holds as much dust as 50 dusting wipes
  • Pulls in and traps unwanted particles while letting cleaner air flow through
  • Attracts and captures particles
  • Household dust, lint, dust mite debris, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and smoke
  • Designed with exclusive Filtrete™ Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M
  • Outperforms fiberglass, washable and non-electrostatic 3-month pleated 1" filters
  • Carries a 1200D Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR)
  • Includes 4 filters
  • For maximum performance, change your filter at least every 90 days

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